Video and Film Production

With the disruption in the print media space and exponential growth in the digital media space, FHG understands that business professionals have more options to market their services than ever before. Marketing starts with a compelling brand that captures the attention of your target market while keeping them coming back for more. Our creative team takes an interactive approach to design and development by utilizing rich visual media that quickly engages and wins both B2B and B2C audiences.  We can assist with:

    • Web design & development including  shopping carts and CMS
    • graphic design
    • logos & corporate identity
    • marketing collateral
    • e-mail and newsletter design
    • video productions/talk show development and commercial creative

We will strive to deliver video campaigns that inspire confidence, drive customer interest, and unleash your potential.


Pricing for Popular Video Types


Corporate Videos

 Inspire viewers and build your brand using corporate video.

FHG creates compelling corporate videos for a range of clients. We are passionate about telling your story in the most engaging and effective way possible, and helping you to achieve your goals. Corporate video that will reach and inspire your target audience. Corporate video that will help your business grow.

Most videos cost:
Start at $25,000


Product Videos

Educate and Inform viewers about your product or service.

Product videos are a hot trending strategy to get your customers and clients engaged in your product! We create captivating short videos that will explain your product in a visually fascinating story that will move your clients. Whether you want to showcase a physical product, digital service or app, our video production process yields attractive and clearly communicated product videos.

Most videos cost:
Start at $15,000


Testimonial Videos

Let your best customers advocate for you.

Word of Mouth is a timelessly powerful tool. We will deliver a video featuring your top clients talking about your product/service and why others should also love it.

Most videos cost:
Start at $8,000





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